Meet Andrea Daniels, Founder of Brightside Referrals

Andrea Daniels has made a life of service and dedication. In a previous career, she taught young preschool children for 6 years in LA. She saw the value in guiding children on how to learn, and she always stressed care and empathy for peers. Over time, Andrea switched career tracks to senior care placement, and has been assisting families for over 10 years. She has helped place and relocate more than 750 individuals throughout her career as a senior placement specialist, and works with over 400 senior communities in Los Angeles.

Andrea’s philosophy is family-centric. All families deserve the utmost comfort and care during difficult times, and few situations are harder than the consideration of elder placement. To make the transition as effortless as possible for you, Andrea takes care of the entire process. She is always available for conversation and will discuss with your family the best community for your loved one.

It’s of paramount importance to remember who the senior is, whether a familial or generational head, a veteran, or a lifelong caregiver. Individuality and legacy should never be sacrificed when searching for a new community, and we want to make sure your loved one is in a comfortable, stress-free location.

Andrea’s foremost goal at Brightside Referrals is to have a successful outcome. If the person placed is happy and successful in their new home, then the family is happy. Sometimes happiness is a tough ask, but so long as the new resident is safe and well cared for, that is a success. She wants to be certain that the family can say, “I did right by my mother and father.” She believes in the satisfaction of all involved and in the independence and interdependence of parents and children.

The journey of life is comprised of starts and stops. It’s a series of destinations and transitions. We’re here to help you and your family move through a peaceful and beneficial adjustment for your loved one.

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