Anything could have prompted you to search for more information on senior placement services. Your loved one may have begun exhibiting symptoms of dementia, or they may want to relocate to a new neighborhood with fewer worries and stresses. They may want to enjoy their retirement and simply want to feel at home in a welcoming community. No matter what, our agency is here to help you with the transition from start to finish.

Looking for independent living or assisted living communities can be confusing, and going on numerous tours of various communities can be time-consuming. Instead of sifting through dozens of establishments, let us narrow down the selections for you, based on what’s important for you.

Additionally, we implore you to avoid inputting any information or submitting any applications to facilities by yourself. Establishments may be inundated with applications that are not complete, and they often have long conversations about amenities, offers, and services. Our expertise in the area means we have an expansive knowledge of hundreds of communities, and we can figure out what works best for your family.

Meet and Learn

Our first consultation with you will be to evaluate your family’s needs. We will learn more about you or your loved one’s health, current living situation and location, physical and cognitive capabilities, medical conditions, financial standing, and preferences. We will also get to know your loved one based on their interests, hobbies, passions, past, and other life points; this will allow us to provide you with establishments we believe match everyone’s needs.

Proximity is also an extremely important question to consider. We know that visits from family and friends are important.  Some clients want to be close to their doctors, some want to be by the beach, and some just want to stay in their current neighborhood.  Either way, geography is important. 

Determine a Budget

All families have different budgets and different amounts they’re comfortable spending. Knowing your monthly budget is important, since 95% of the communities we work with only accept private pay and long-term care insurance. Medicare does not cover long-term assisted living or memory care.  If you are low income, we can refer you to specialists who focus on the limited number of Medicare/MediCAL facilities.

Because Assisted Living is privately paid for, your loved one is a client and not a patient.  These are non-medical communities who provide compassion, care and community.

Finding the Right Fit

Once we have all the information we need to get started, we will begin researching communities that match your loved one’s needs. We’ll search according to budget and preferences and will get a condensed number of establishments ready for you.

Our Services are Free to Families

One of the perks of working with Brightside Referrals is that our senior placement services are completely free to you and your family. You do not have to pay us to do any legwork, to browse communities, to organize and present information and choices, or to update you. Our fees are covered as part of a referral service with an ever-growing list of homes and communities in the area.

It’s important to note that, thanks to our years of placement and our relationships with communities, we have access to knowledge and deals that the public may not. We have encountered families who did only a little bit of research and rushed into a decision, and the community was an improper fit; the family lost money on the deposit and were in dire straits because of the entire situation. Let us handle all the legwork to save you valuable time and money, and you won’t be disappointed.

Tours and Visits

Instead of visiting a dozen senior living communities, we’ll narrow down the selections to what we think will best match your family’s preferences. We can provide you with a full array of photos, schedule a video tour, and even go with you to visit the community to see how everyone likes it. This is also a worthwhile time to check distance and travel, neighboring areas, and more.

It’s important to us that you get the full experience of each community, and we’ll gladly be there with you to make sure you ask the right questions, inquire about the necessary services, see what rooms and amenities are available, and learn about potential future arrangements. For example, seniors who are only in need of light assisted living right now may require more in-depth services in the future, and it could be a stressful ordeal to look for a whole new establishment.We’ll ask about transitioning from one type of care to the other, what that would entail, and what changes would need to be made.

Making a Decision

Ultimately, the decision to choose a senior community will be made by you and your family. We will give you our input as you request, but the happiness of everyone involved is what matters. Once you’ve decided, we’ll help with the transition and make the relocation process as smooth and seamless as possible. It is a big step, and we’ll always be here to listen and assure you if you have concerns.

Follow Through

Over time, we’ll happily check in on you and your loved one to see if the community is beneficial and if everyone is satisfied with the services. We have traveled and visited seniors to see firsthand how they’re adjusting and to get their feedback on the process.

Sometimes, situations change and you have to relocate your loved one. Don’t worry about going through the whole process again – because we’ve already worked with you and have an intimate understanding of your family’s needs, we’ll be able to find another matching community for you. Our relationship with your family does not stop once a loved one has been placed, and we’ll always be available for assistance.

More questions? Reach out!

We know you have a ton of questions about senior placement services, referral agencies, independent and assisted living communities, and more. You can read our FAQ [link] or reach out to us today to get the answers you need. We’re here to help, and if you and your family decide to move forward with the search for a new, welcoming home for your loved one, we’ll be right beside you every step of the way.

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