Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities provide seniors with assistance in various aspects of daily life. The level of assistance depends on the capabilities of the senior citizen. Some seniors are largely independent but have small limitations and require help; others are more dependent and need a larger amount of assistance.

Assistance offered at these communities can include:

  • Bathing: It may be physically straining for some seniors to bathe themselves. Injuries or bodily limitations could make the simple act of showering seem like a chore. Caregivers can ensure your loved one is completely clean, or simply has a watchful eye ready to assist in case of slips and falls.
  • Dressing: Pain and stiffness may make dressing tough, especially in the morning. Many seniors do not want to give up their wardrobe, and understandably so. Thus, caregivers are available to keep your loved one sharply dressed.
  • Feeding: Although meals are prepared for seniors, some may have difficulty feeding themselves. This could be due to rheumatoid arthritis in the hands, Parkinson’s disease, forms of dementia, etc.
  • Medication supervision: Forgetfulness can lead to seniors missing medication, some of which can be crucial to maintaining health. Assisted living communities will make certain that your family member is not missing, skipping, or mixing any medication.
  • Incontinence care: Incontinence can leave seniors embarrassed and staff at assisted living facilities will assure and comfort them during such times. Care can range from providing special garments to assisting wheelchair-bound or physically limited seniors to use the restroom.
  • Transportation assistance: For some seniors, it is still very important to be out and about, while for others, it’s a necessity. Assisted living communities can provide or arrange transportation to events, medical appointments, outings, home visits, and more.

The key word in assisted living communities is assistance. Many senior citizens don’t like the idea of giving up their independence or having to rely on someone else. When choosing an assisted living option, we’ll work with you to determine the appropriate level of care needed so that your loved ones retain as much autonomy as possible but still get the help they need.

Daily General Assistance

Beyond personal assistance, there are various other amenities at assisted living communities. Much of the daily work that would take place in a personal home is instead completed by caregivers and staff.

Residents are prepared 3 meals per day in the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner format. Snacks are always available.

Housekeeping will also be done on a regular basis. Seniors can have their bed sheets, blankets, clothes, mats, and other items washed for them. Sheets and pillows are changed on a schedule, and rooms are kept clean and tidy.

Given the importance of exercise, most assisted living establishments provide daily classes or gatherings for seniors. There may be meditation, breathwork, yoga, chair yoga, tai chi, and more available. Some seniors may swim, ride stationary bikes, or go for daily nature walks.

Is an assisted living community right for you?

We will help you answer this very important question. Since assisted living communities have levels of care, many residents need some help with their activities of daily living. Many residents in Assisted Living require very little care at all.  Each community is a bit different and Brightside Referrals will find what is best for your loved one’s unique circumstances and preferences.

Assisted living communities also provide regular activities for residents. Daily yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi are offered to keep seniors in shape. Workshops that emphasize new skills are available, such as jewelry making, foreign languages, knitting, and computer classes. Entertainment is also important – choirs, comedians, karaoke, and improv groups may visit, or seniors can have excursions to movies, art exhibits, libraries, and more.

The communities are staffed around the clock and will always have someone available to help, no matter what time or type of issue. Emergency alert systems are present in rooms and common areas tend to emphasize safety, featuring grab handles, open spaces, railings, ramps, and more.

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