Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities, or independent retirement communities, allow senior citizens the ability to live largely on their own with little care. The draw of these communities lies in the social aspect and the daily basic amenity care.

In an independent living community, seniors have their own private apartments and live among many other older adults. The “community” feel is important, and independent facilities have options for engagement, including shared dining, shared activities, and special events.

Basic care within independent living communities consists of prepared meals, housekeeping, transportation, and sometimes laundry. Seniors do not have to worry about upkeep and maintenance, freeing their time to spend on other activities. Many independent living communities work with outside care companies for when their residents require care with activities of daily living.

Activities in Independent Living Communities

Just like Assisted Living Communities, Independent living communities stress socialization and group interactivity. Many events are organized with connection and communication in mind. Generally, daily activities include exercise classes to keep the body healthy and able. These activities take place within the community and can be attended at will.

Other activities can be featured in the community’s common areas. Happy hour celebrations, book clubs, poetry and writing workshops, and film and cinema groups are prominent staple activities at some centers. There may also be dance classes and dances, cooking classes, pottery courses, and embroidery and stitching groups. The goal is to promote bonding among community residents and encourage everyone to feel completely at home.

Special outings are also a big part of independent living communities. These excursions are organized and planned by the staff. Some outings include art shows and galleries, fashion shows, golf days, plays, musicals, and more. Although seniors can generally participate in these activities on their own, there is a draw of togetherness when going with other members of the community.

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